Contact Lens Evaluation



Contact Lens Wearers

As a contact lens wearer, your eye exam

requires your eye doctor to perform                   

additional tests that are necessary for the

evaluation of your contact lenses and ocular

health.  These tests are done in addition to

a normal eye exam performed for non-contact

lens wearers.

                          Additional Testing

                           Additional testing procedures done for contact

                           lens wearers involve using a microscope to

                           evaluate how the lens is fitting on the

                           eye, evaluating the corneal health, 

                           checking the contact lens power to see

                           if the power needs changing, trying on new

                           contact lenses if changing contact lens types, and

                           using an automated keratometer to measure the

                           curvature of your eye to ensure the

                           proper fit of your lenses. 


Explanation of Fees

Additional fees apply when you wear

contact lenses because of these necessary

tests and the extra time required during the

exam.  Depending on whether you are an existing

wearer or new wearer, most contact lens evaluation fees

range from $75 to $250.